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Records on sale with International artists

All prices are in SEK. Postage and packing will be added. See the ordering information page for more details about ordering. If you click on the button below, you can convert SEK to your currency. Gradings are for second hand records only. Follows the guide lines in magazine 'Record Collector'. See 'Grading & Abbreviations' in the 'Information' section for further details about this.

in SEK
Richard Ashcroft: Money To Burn (Edit) / (Album Version), promo in special sleeve CDS Hut HUTCDP136 M/M 80
Babylon Zoo: Album Sampler With: Spaceman / Zodiac Sign / Animal Army / I'm Cracking Up I Need A Pill, promo only UK CDM EMI CDEMCDJ3742 M/M 20
Terence Trent D'arby: Do You Love Me Like You Say? ("3:59 mix") / (Original Rude Boy Mix), promo in special sleeve UK CDM Columbia XPCD 264 M/M 60
Dove: Don't Dream (Radio mix) / (K Klassic Mix) / Blow Your Mind (Instrumental) CDM ZTT 562410-2 EX/EX 20
Trine Rein: Beneath My Skin, 12-track album, includes "Thorn" CD Medley 8382342 M/M 80
Trine Rein: Finders Keepers, 10-track album CD EMI 8277342 M/M 80
Tin Tin Out with Shelley Nelson: Sometimes (Radio Edit) / (Acoustic Version), promo in special sleeve UK CDS VC VCRDDJ 34 M/M 40
U96: Love Religon (Video Edit) / (E-vangelista Mix) / (Vaticano Mix) / (Instrumental) DE CDM - - M/M 10

Later on there might be listings on this page, but for now I only have my "paper based" list. It is supplied as two Word documents in the a zipped file. Unfortunatly these lists are from 1996, but most of the records are still availabel. The lists will be uppdated shortly so check in every now and then to see if anything has changed. Artists in the lists are International as well as Swedish. There is the odd 50-70's record, but mainly 80-90's. there is all sorts of formats, 7", 12", LP, MC, CD. Artists are ranging from folk music to heavy metal. There is a lot of "main" pop and rock, and a lot Hi-NRG.

Download the lists in as a word document, in a zipped file:
general.zip dated 1998-06-01


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