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Gyllene Tider was Per Gessle's first band. Their first single was out in 1979, with an album the year after. Their first three, very successful, albums were in Swedish. Then in 1984 they did The Heartland Café in English. It was initiated by Capitol Records in Los Angeles. Eventually it was released there as well, but as a mini album.

As Gyllene Tider would not be a good name to capture the world's charts with they used the name Roxette for the US release. Marie sung backing vocals on some songs and a duet on one. So it may even go as Roxette's first album, at least for some fans... After that album Gyllene Tider broke up, only to do a short cameo as Pers Garage on a Gyllene Tider compilation in the late 80's. Then a few years back they did an enormous comeback, with a sold out out-door tour, greatest hits album and all, including a new EP.

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News added 2000-08-27
Gyllene Tider to reform.
Yet again will Gyllene re-unite. This time it is a one off gig. It will be later in the autumn, when TV4 is celebrating their 10th anniversary. They will perform Gå Och Fiska. Per says it is always fun to play with the lads.

News added 2000-07-19
Fishing for money...
Apperently the cash in of the old recordings continue. There has been another Gyllene Tider compilation out, this time it is of their works in the 1990's. Also included are the songs recorded by Pers Garage in the late 80's. It is called Konstpaus [Pause for effect], and includes 15 songs.

CD cover
1. Småstad
2. Gå & fiska
3. Det är över nu
4. Kung av sand
5. Juni, juli, augusti
6. Jo-Anna farväl
7. Om hon visste vad hon ville
8. Vandrande man
9. Det är blommor som har fångat dig
10. Faller ner på knä
11. Ny pojkvän
12. Oh yea oh yah (oh oh)
13. Harplinge
14. Ingen går i ringen
15. Solens vän

News added 2000-07-10
Re-issue of the re-issue...
It is probably the first in a series of four. The album Gyllene Tider was released in a stealthy way this spring. It is remasterd, and contains the EP that was issued in the first batch of LP's as a separate disc. The sleeve also has the die cut hole of the original LP. Look out for Moderna Tider in 2001, Puls in 2002 and The Heartland Café in 2004.

News added 1999-12-30
Gyllene tour 2000?
Rer Gessle has said in a recent interview that Gyllene Tider want to do something again. A tour the comming summer is not ruled out.

For a non existing band, Gyllene Tider has been very active the last few years... Last years tour has now been documented in the form of a 18-track CD that was released November 17th, 1997. A video has also been prepared and is scheduled for release in mid December. Both the CD and video were recorded in Göteborg on last years tour. The CD costs SEK 170 + P&P, the price of the video is likely to be around SEK 200.

Gyllene Tider is very much in demand just now, a book by Jan-Owe Wikström is just out, the price is SEK 320 + P&P. Jan-Owe Wikström was of course one of the two authors that wrote Roxette - The Book.

At the moment there seems to be no plans for any further recordings, but it would not be surprising if they did something after the next Roxette album, or even acted as studio msicians on it.

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Serial no.
Konstpaus, 15 track compilation of recordings 1989-1998 CD EMI - 180
Gyllene Tider Remasterd album from 1980 with original bonus EP separatly 2-CD EMI - 180
Återtåget - Gyllene Tider live 1997, live album from 1997 CD EMI - 130
Halmstads pärlor 1979-95 Greatest hits compilation with new songs and the EP Gå och fiska 2-CD EMI - 180
Ljudet av ett annat hjärta - En samling, hit compilation 1979-1984 CD EMI - 130
Kompakta tider Box set with all four original albums in their 'original CD re-issue' version plus unreleased live album Parkliv 5-CD EMI - 400
Gyllene Tider, 'Original CD re-issue' of album from 1980 CD EMI - 130
Moderna tider, 'Original CD re-issue' of album from 1981 CD EMI - 130
Puls, 'Original CD re-issue' of album from 1982 CD EMI - 130
Juni, Juli, Augusti / Ingen Går I Ringen CDS EMI 8652632 60
The Lonely Boys: Flowers On The Moon / Lonely Boys CDS EMI 8652272 60

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