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News added 2001-01-04
Live DVD is released.
The week before Christmas Marie released her live DVD. It includes the live show at Sjöhistoriska in Stockholm this summer, and her video clips. As a bonus in limited edition is also included a live CD. The idea was her husbands, "Why not recorded the show on DVD, if for nothing else, as a summer memory".

News added 2000-12-10
Marie HiTech live
The comming week a live release will be out. It is a DVD of the latest tour. Supposedly also containg all her videos (not that many...). There is also a CD part of the set (could be the videos are on that in MPEG format). More information as it is released.

News added 2000-04-30
Upcomming tour!
On May 4th the tickets will be released for a summer tour by Marie. This is to follow up the enormous success of her compilation album Äntligen. In the first three weeks it sold 120 000 copies, that is tripple gold. The tour venues are mainly old castles. In the band is of course her husband Micke.

    Supporting band:
  • Mikael Bolyos, Keyboards
  • Ove Andersson, Bass
  • Christer Jansson, Drums
  • Mats Persson, Percusions
  • Frank Ådahl, Backing vocals
  • Katarina Milton, Backing vocals

Below is the full tour plan. It is not known if there will be more dates added if there is a big demand for tickets. Why not spend some part of your holliday in Sweden?

'Äntligen' summer tour 2000
Date Venue Town
12/7 Slottsruinen Borgholm (Öland)
14/7 Brottet Halmstad
15/7 Slottsudden Sölvesborg
16/7 Hamnplan Trosa
20/7 Vadstena Slott Vadstena
22/7 Fästningen Varberg
26/7 Sammilsdal Leksand
28/7 Sofiero Slott Helsingborg
29/7 Trädgårdsföreningen Göteborg (Gothenburg)
30/7 Mölleplatsen Malmö
2/8 Evedal Växjö
4/8 Sjöängen (I 12) Eksjö
5/8 Boulognerskogen Skövde
6/8 Mariebergsskogen Karlstad
9/8 Folketspark Örnsköldsvik
10/8 Sjöhistoriska museet Stockholm
11/8 Parken Zoo Eskilstuna
12/8 Grindstugans IP Uppsala

News added 2000-04-21
Mega success for new releases!
The compilation album of Marie's best songs went straight in to the number one spot of the sales chart. The album, Äntligen, contains two new songs and some previously hard to get songs. There has also been released a single, also called Äntligen, which has got extensive airplay. The overhelming success of these releases has made Marie take a break from the Roxette recordings this Summer to tour. Expecpt the duet with Patrik Isaksson to be released on single in conjuction with the tour.

Äntligen, single
Äntligen, single
Äntligen, album
Äntligen, album

    Äntligen - Marie Fredrikssons Bästa 1984-2000
  1. Äntligen
  2. Det som var nu (duet with Patrik Isaksson)
  3. Ännu doftar kärlek
  4. Den bästa dagen
  5. Mot okända hav
  6. Den sjunde vågen
  7. Ett hus vid havet
  8. Efter stormen
  9. Om du såg mig nu
  10. Bara för en dag
  11. Sparvöga
  12. Så stilla så långsamt
  13. Så länge det lyser mittemot
  14. Mellan sommar och höst
  15. I en tid som vår
  16. Tro
  17. Solen gick ner över stan (Klubbmix/Äntligen)

News added 2000-02-04
Marie to release new album.
It is not an entirly new album. It is a hit compilation. During the first week of Feburary she recorded two new songs. Of which one, Äntligen [At Last], will be released as a single. The album is due out in March.

News added 1998-08-19 
Marie at a party. 
Frida was on concert organizer/promotor Thomas Johansson (head of EMA Telstar) celebrated his 50th birthday. The event was on on the 17th at Cirkus in Stockholm (currently the venue for Kristina Från Duvemåla. Other guests included Agnetha & Frida of ABBA, Eva & Efva, Per Gessle, Magnus Uggla, Tomas Ledin... Thomas Johansson has worked with Roxette's tours.

Marie arrives to the party
Marie and her husband Mikael Bolyos arrives to the party.
Picture from tabloid 'Aftonbladet' 1998-08-18

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Serial no.
Äntligen Live Live DVD, with all her clips as well, and a bonus live CD DVD + CD EMI - 330
Äntligen, Sheet music, including lyrics, to all the songs on the hit compilation Book - - 350
Det Som Var Nu [Duet with Patrik Isaksson] (Radio version) / (Instrumental) CDS EMI 889046-2 60
Äntligen - Marie Fredrikssons Bästa 1984-2000 17-track hit compilation CD EMI - 180
Äntligen / Solen gick ner över stan (Klubbmix) CDS EMI 888456-2 60
Rikard Wolff: Kärlek (Ny Version) / Väntan Vid Hisstrumman, Kärlek is written by Marie who also sings backing vocals, it is produced by Mikael Bolyos CDS EMI 8850322 70
Frida & Marie Fredriksson: Alla Mina Bästa År (Single Remix) / (Mix Adiago) / (Spaceclub Mix) / (Adiago Instrumental) CDS Anderson SON 8 60
Frida & Marie Fredriksson: Alla Mina Bästa År Vinny Vero US Remixes (5 mixes) CDS Anderson SON 9 60
Ber Bara En Gång / Aldrig Tillbaka Mer CDS EMI 8652882 60
I En Tid Som Vår / Drömmen (Z-Mix) CDS EMI 8652712 60
Tro / Tid För Försoning CDS EMI 8652692 60
Artister För Miljö: Änglamark / Frida: Saltwater (the Julian Lenon hit), AFM = Frida (of ABBA, Marie Fredriksson, Tomas Ledin, Håkan Hagegård CDS DNS AFMCDS-001 100
Mellan Sommar Och Höst / Bara För En Dag (Live) / Värdighet (Live) / Den Bästa Dagen (Live) CDM EMI 8650262 70
I En Tid Som Vår, 10-track album from 1996 CD EMI 8537082 130
Den Ständiga Resan, 16-track album from 1992 CD EMI 4750282 130
Så Länge Det Lyser Mittemot / Den Där Novemberdan CDS EMI 8650172 60
...Efter Stormen, 11-track album from 1987, available in two different printings, with or without (original) bar code CD EMI 7484572 130
Den Sjunde Vågen, 12-track album from 1986 CD EMI 7463052 130
Het Vind, 11-track album from 1984 CD EMI 7467192 130
Mamas Barn: Barn Som Barn, 11-track album from 1982 CD Warner 4509912532 130

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