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Privacy Policy.

We at '' believes that strong electronic privacy is crucial for the ongoing success of the Internet as a service, commercial, and entertainment medium. To this end, unless you designate otherwise, the information you enter here will be known to only two parties: You and ''.

We pledge that '' will not release your personal data to anyone else without your consent - period.

You may change the status of whether you wish to receive '' offers and communications at any time.

  1. What information does '' gather/track and how is it used?
    On the main page there is visitor counter. It gather some information about the visitors hard- and software. The information is NOT tracable to any particular user, only available as general statistics. Each type of statistics are not connected to the others. The information is used for site development purposes only, i.e. to find out what technical level the site can be made in.
      The following is some of what can be seen:
    • Brand and version of the browser, i.e. Internet Explorer 4.
    • Operating system, i.e. Windows 98.
    • Number of visitors.
    • Percentage of return visitors.

  2. With whom does '' share the information it gathers/tracks?
    With regards to the above mentioned statistics. Most of it is shared with no other party at all. The only information that might be disclosed to potential advertisers is the number of daily visitor and percentage of return visitors.
    With regars to information provided when a purchase is made, or any other personal contact with ''. Non of that information is made availabel to any other party.

  3. Is there cookies on this site?
    Yes there is cookies. It is only used by the counter to count the number of return visits. If you have disabled cookies in your browser, you can still use the site in full.

  4. Who can I ask if I have any additional questions?
    Any site related quieries should be sent to

From time to time, '' may introduce new products and services to its users. To the extent these new products and services affect this policy, this policy will be updated. You will be informed of these updates and any privacy conditions related to these services.


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