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Name: Robert Velén
Born: December 1967
Live: In the Västra Frölunda suburb of Göteborg (Gothenburg) on the Swedish west coast.
  • Mechanical engineering (BA in science) at Aschebergs Gymnasiet
  • Applied CAD / CAM at PTC (Produktionstekniskt Centrum)
  • Military Service at the intelligence section of E1, the Air Force Strike Command (military service is compulsory in Sweden)
  • Quality Management at Chalmers University of Technology
  • WWW programing at Chalmers University of Technology
Works As a mechanical designer and AutoCAD-manager at a company that designs and builds water treatment plants all over the world.
Languages: Swedish :-)
A little German
The last three is of course computer languages...
Music: Mainly modern music, preferably synth based and dance oriented. But I do not mind rock type music either. Artists I like include: Pet Shop Boys, ABBA, Erasure, Secret Service, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Slade, New Order, Sarah Cracknell/Saint Etienne, Army Of Lovers, Giorgio Moroder, Mylene Farmer, Adolphson + Falk etc. etc.
Girlfriend: Not at the moment. So any available BABE out there, you still have a chance...
Interests: Military aviation. A day at an air show is always a good day.
TV shows: Friends, Spin City, X-Files, Theird Rock From The Sun, Cybil, Seinfeld, documentries.
Comics: Ernie, Fox Trot, Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert.
Authors: Jan Guillou, Peter Englund, Herman Lindquist, Tom Clancy, Wilbur Smith, James Clavell
Car: A red Toyota Corolla 87 Combi Coupe, with a few charming rust spots...
Computer: Asus TX97 main board, Intel Pentium II 233 MMX processor, Seagate 9 GB and Quantum 3.2 GB HD, 32 MB SDRAM, S3 Virge 3DX video card, a 17" Eizo F55 monitor, SoundBlaster 16, PowerBit K56Flex modem, HP DesignJet 720C, Windows 95B


Robert Velén, Orkestergatan 29, SE-421 39 Västra Frölunda, Sweden
Fax +46-31 794 9476, e-mail

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