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News added 2000-09-03
Nina solo soon.
After a few singles away from The Cardigans, Nina is finally finnishing off her solo debut. The work on it has been done during a couple of years. Her partner is Niclas Frisk. Niclas is to a broader audience in Sweden known as the front figure in rock band Atomic Swing. He has also done quite a lot composing and producing work for other artists.

The final work is carried out in Bearsville Studios, Woodstock, USA. To their help they have Mark Linkous from Sparklehorse. No date has been given for the release.

News added 2000-07-01
The Cardigans to get a prize.
The Cardigans has been awarded a prize to be handed out on July 13th by the Chairman of the European Commision, Romani Prodi. It is the IFPI Platinum European Awards. It will be handed out in Brussels to European artists that has sold more than one million albums in Europe. The other artists are: Aqua (DK), The Corrs (EI), Mel C (UK), Sasha (DE), Herbert Grönemeyer (DE), Helmut Lotti (BE), Adriano Celetano (IT), Luciano Ligabue (IT), Alejandro Sanz (ES) and Hevia (ES).

News added 2000-04-21
Two solo singles for Nina.
Nina has two solo singles out on the market. The first one is The Bluest Eyes In Texas that she does together with her boyfried Nathan Larsson. The song is from various artist soundtrack album Boy's Don't Cry. The second one is also a soundtrack singel, this time with DJ David Holmes as companion. Theme For Randell and Hopkirk (Deceased) is it called. The song is the theme for the remake of the cult 60's detective series featuring England's leading commedians, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer.

News added 2000-01-17
Peter scores in a Labyrinth...
On behalf of Swedish TV channel SVT Peter is making score music for a mini series. The series Labyrinten (The Labyrinth) is written by famous author Henning Mankell. It is directed by Daniel Bergman, son of world wide famous director Ingmar bergman. Peter said in a interview that he did it becuase he wants to get new experinces. There will be a lot stings and such. He thinks the greates film music composer is Ennio Morricone. The series will be aired in Sweden in five episodes, sarting on March 17th. Apart from score music he is also involved in composing songs for the comming album of Titiyo (Nene Cherry's kid sister).

News added 2000-01-14
Nina to be silent, and moving.
For some time Nina is not allowed to sing, due to throat problems. She will have to cancel two "Goodbye" shows that was planned in Lund and Malmö. The vocal coords was operated some time ago, and she was expected to be singing again around Christmas, but the problem drags on. Nina and her boyfriend Nathan Larson are moving from Malmö in Sweden to New York In the United States.

News added 1998-10-10
Banned video in four versions.
The video clip for My Favourite Game has been banned on MTV, it is not to be shown before 21:00. This is because they find the clip to be not suitable for children. The video who is directed by award winning director Jonas Åkerlund [Madonna Ray Of Light and The Prodgidy Smack My Bitch Up] is a typical 'road movie'.

It stars Nina, who is driving a convertible car thruogh a typical American landscape. She has an enormous tatoo on her arm. She is speeding and sometimes driving on the wrong side of the road. [This is what MTV found so dangerous.] The only time 'the lads' appear is at the very end when they come driving their van and crashes with Nina, who flyes out of the car. This is where the four different versions comes in. She lands on the pavement:
1. and ends up with her limbs in impossible angels, she is dead.
2. and ends up with her limbs in impossible angels, but walks away.
3. and ends up with her limbs in impossible angels, sits up, only to get her head smashed in by a flying rock.
4. and her head is cut off.
Anyway number 3 is my favorite, it is hilarious. They went through with the idea of Nina alone, because they have given up on the idea that they should all be in the videos. People are only interested in seeing Nina anyway. A typical "If you can't beet them, join them!" kind of thing.

News added 1998-08-19
Album named.
As the single was premierd on P3's Musikjournalen today, Peter Svensson was interviewed. He said the new album will be called Gran Turismo (with a little reservation for the spelling...). It is named after Cardigan's favorite PlayStation game. He also said that Nina had done all the lyrics, either by herslef or together with the others. The whole album is recorded in Sweden, with producer Tore Johansson's new mansion as the main studio.

News added 1998-08-09
New single due shortly.
The Cardigans new single My Favourite Game will be out in September. It will get the official premiere on Swedish radio on August 17th. The, so for un-named, album will follow on the 14th of October. The video for My Favourite Game is directed by acclaimed Swedish video director Jonas Åkerlund, who has done a lot of videos for Roxette but is of late most known for his videos for Madonna [Ray Of Light] and The Prodigy [Smack My Bitch Up].

News added 1998-03-29
Peter Svensson, hard working man.
In a longer interview in the brand new number of Swedish magazine "Nöjesguiden", Peter lets us know about his solo project. The solo album will be released under a band name, most likely Paus (which is Swedish for Pause). However in essence it is a solo project. It seems as it will be very low key and sung in Swedish. The music is composed, arranged, performed and produced by Peter himself. The only other musician is Bengt Lagerberg, who does what he normally does in The Cardigans, plays drums. The lyrics are made together with Jocke Berg of Kent. As a sideline, Kent who normally sings in Swedish has translated their latest album to English and can be heard on MTV every now and then.

The whole thing started a few years back when Peter, after a tour with The Cardigans, made about ten songs. He knew these did not fit his band, and he always meant for some other artist to record them. That idea was given up in October 1996 when he and Jocke Berg was having a party time. They realized they wanted to work together, and so they did. The album has been recorded in the Music-A-Matic studio in Göteborg. He did not want to work in Tambourine studios for a while. He had hoped that famous producer Peter Collins (who has worked with Gary Moore and others) would produce the album, bet their schedules did not fit. The project is now signed to BMG. In the end of April the first single, Leia will be out, with the album Paus in the middle of May.

Apart from his own album, Peter has this Autumn and Winter produced an album with The Confusions. Then he went on to produce an album with the country rockers Thousand Dollar Playboys. He also financed that recording. He then went on to compose a number of songs for Lizzie Zachrisson, of the band Fläskkvartetten / Flesh Quartet. And then as mentioned below, a song for the Eurovision. He has also turned down a proposal to produce the coming album by Red House Painters.

How about his main "job", The Cardigans?? Well he has a hand full of songs finished, and also some ideas for other songs. He this time wants to compose more songs then they are to record. They will start working together again during the spring. They will record in their producer Tore Johansson's new mansion Svaneholm's Castle. The studio there is named Country Hell, after a Cardigan b-side. Tore by the way has produced Saint Ethienne's new album in Tambourine Studios. They will also try to live there during the recordings.

News added 1998-03-14
Eurovision result.
The song Långsamma timmar, with music by Peter Svensson, that was performed today at Melodifestivalen (the Swedish heat for the Eurovision Song Contest) by Fredrik Karlsson did not do very well. In fact it was among the songs that got least points. However this was probably not the place to be for a Cardigan... The single is out now, available for SEK 60 + P&P.

News added 1998-02-18
Grammy for The Cardigans.
On the 16th was the annual Swedish Grammy's awards ceremony. This year The Cardigans was not nominated, their album was part of last years event. But despite this, they still won a grammy! It was a brand new category, that is decided by the Swedish Government no less. It is a prize for "extra ordinary contributions to the music export", in other words sell a truck load of CDs and you will get this one... It was presented to Nina Persson by minister of trade Leif Pagrotsky.

News added 1998-01-28
Nina and Peter goes solo.
Singer Nina Persson is working on a solo project. This is being made together with Niklas Frisk. Frisk is a well known Swedish producer and composer. Apart from singing and playing lead guitar in his own band Atomic Swing, he has produced the latest albums by Swedish indie kings Popsicle. The two performed live together at a club gig on 27/1, as a part of the "Stockholm - European cultural capital year" event. The songs were composed by Niklas Frisk, and they were both quoted to say to media that "the material is too good not to release on record".

The Cardigans main musical motor, Peter Svensson, is also working on a solo project. This is being done together with Jocke Berg of Kent. Kent is Sweden's Oasis, sort of. Berg is the bands singer and main composer. Non of these projects will hit the shops until after Cardigans next album is released.

Peter goes Eurovision.
Peter Svensson was one of the six invited composers for this years Eurovision take outs. Known in Sweden as Melodifestivalen , and being one of the most viewed TV shows of the year. Peter wrote the music, and an unknown bloke by the name of Fredrik Karlsson wrote the lyrics (in Swedish) and will also perform the song. The song, Långsamma timmar (Slow Hours), must be considered a very potential winner. I mean the guy wrote Lovefool... The event will take place on March the 14th. The song will not be publicly performed until then.

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