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News added 2000-02-03
Lili & Susie no longer a duo.
After a very bad 90's Lili & Susie is at it again, but this time around they are doing their own separate solo things. Susie has during the Autumn and Winter made about 20 demos. The comming album is being produced by Eurovision artist Jan Johansen.

Kid sister Lili was at first a bit bitter about Susie's decission to make it on her own. But is now planning her own solo album. Inga-Lill and Susanne Päivärinta, as their real names are, have become 34 and 35 years respectively.

News added 1999-10-23
Eva Dahlgren soon to release CD and tour.
On February 12th Eva Dahlgren will release the single Underbara Människa [Wonderful Person]. This will be followed in March by the album Lailai. A tour will start the week after the album release. Starting at Lisebershallen here in Göteborg [Gothenburg] on the 25th of March. Eva has produced the album by herself and also plays most instruments.

Click on the logo to go to Eva's official site at: Anderson Records

News added 1999-10-21
Jerry Williams releases the hits.
This week saw the release of a brand new hits compilation by Jerry Williams. The album is simply titled Greatest Hits and features the biggest hits, with the empasis on the 80's and 90's. A brand new song by Norell-Oson-Bard is also included.

News added 1998-10-10
Eva Dahlgren in the studio.
At long last Eva Dahlgren is back in the studio to record a new pop album. She has not released anything new since her 1991 album En Blekt Blondins Hjärta, apart from a greatest hits album (that contained nothing new) and an album with classical music (she "just" sung and made the lyrics). We will probably not hear anything until the spring.

News added 1998-08-31
Mega producer Denniz Pop dead.
The tragic news was revealed that on Sunday morning, August 30th, Dag Volle, alias Denniz Pop at the age of 35. He has been struggling cancer since December. He leaves behind a girlfriend and an 11 year old son.

It has probably been know in "the business" that he was fatally ill. In February at the Grammies ceremony in Stockholm Denniz Pop and his partner Max Martin was awarded a Grammy for "outstanding contributions", a type of award normally given to much older people. Denniz was to ill to be able to personally receive it, at the time I thought it might be the flu or something. There was also just some weeks a go a long interview in national radio P3's dance show with Denniz and Max about their career.

Denniz Pop started his career in the 80's as a DJ and soon became a top DJ in all the "hot" clubs in Stockholm. Together with a host of other DJ's such Stonebridge, Emil Hellman and others started the SweMix, a DJ club that did remixes. At first only released on their own compilations. Soon enough they started to remix on behalf of record companies. With the "DJ Culture" of the late 8's most of them also started to compose and produce. So did Denniz Pop too. He also released a single on his own Base On Me Base On You (Give Me Some Mo). He took the name Pop because it was so totally out, almost a four-letter word in the late 80's. Denniz is from comic strip "Dennis The Menace" (might be known as something else in English).

Denniz in the studio.

The big break through came when he produced the first single for a young Nigerian bloke who had been to Sweden to go to dental school and then after he finished that stayed here. That was Dr Alban and the song was the hit Hello Africa. Since then Pop has composed and produced a host of artists. First as part of SweMix. Then a few them started the Cherion label, which later gave up the idea of releasing records on it own and just became a production company.

At the start Douglas Carr was a often used partner in producing. A few years in Max Martin (real name Martin Sandberg), a Heavy Metal singer joined the team as well as Kristian Lundin. For the last year or so those two has taken a very big part in composing and producing with Denniz as executive producer only.

The complete list of artists Denniz Pop has helped out is too long to publish but here are a few: Ace Of Base, Dr Alban, Backstreet Boys, DeDe, E-Type, Five, Herbie, Kayo, Leila K, Papa Dee, Robyn, Christer Sandelin, Solid Harmonie, 3T...

Denniz Pop.

Sweden's place in the international music business would not be what it is today without the works of Denniz Pop. He even made it to the very top by working with no less than the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson (who was executive producer for his nephews in 3T). Although his music was mostly trashed by the critics and media, the songs were enormous hits through out the world: The Sign, Everybody (Backstreet's Back), No Coke, Electric, Slam Dunk Tha Funk, Do You Know What It Takes...

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