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Pet Shop Boys

[As seen on TV's 'Ally MacBeal']

The Pet Shop Boys section has been updated, with a lot more records on sale, even more will be added shortly.

More records for sale, I have started to add more records for sale in all sections, including the previously empty "Swedish Artists" and "General/International". More will be added during the comming months.

The site has now got a new home! Please bookmark this new URL. The Music Section will be just one of several, very different parts of the full site. Check in at every now and then. However the music section will benefit from the move. I am no longer restricted in available space. Also there is now a possibility to use CGI scripts to do some useful database applications etc. Things will happen in the months to come.

A privacy Policy is now availabel in the "Information" section.

A new section has been added. It is the General / International. The button to the left (or actually a key on the piano...) has been there for a while. But it has just pointed to this page. The general section is where you go if you want a 12" with Michael Cretu, a CD with Madonna, an album with U2 and so on. This is also where all the Hi-NRG stuff is.

For ordering information, click on "Information/Help" on the piano. There is not any real "help" function yet, but there soon will be one covering more web related issues. The commercial issues are quite well covered in the existing "information" page.

You may send a normal "snail mail" via the postal service. But I favour the use of e-mail. Please note, I do this record dealing in my spare time. Occasionally I will travel for my work, or have an higher then usual work load. Replies will then of course be slow. How ever I will reply.

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