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Army Of Lovers

La Camilla
Alexander Bard
Jean-Pierre Barda
Dominika Peczynski
Michaela Dornonville de la Cour

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This page concentrates on Army Of Lovers and the members various solo activeties. Apart from Alexander's Vacuum that has a page of their own.

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News added 2001-02-03
New album a compilation?
Unconfirmed rumours sugests that the new album is after all the long planned remix hit compilation, with four new songs.

News added 2001-02-01
Bard the movie star!!
Alexander Bard is broadening his expreiences, turning into an actor. He has a part in Marie-Louise Ekman's new film Puder [Make-up Powder]. Alexander plays a advertising guy who tries to persuade actors on at a theater to participate in commercial. Ekman does not make movies for the broad masses so there is not likely to be a big hit movie.

News added 2001-01-14
New single and album!!!
Stockholm Records has annonced that in March Army Of Lovers will release the single Let The Sun Shine In. An album is slated for April. Well we all know SR's notorious way of handling release dates, so first quarter 2003 is perhaps a more likely date ;-)

News added 2000-12-10
La Camilla comeback!!
A new single, whos name is not known for me, will be out shortly. Apperently the video has been on ZTV's review show 'Ventil'. More information will follow.

News added 2000-10-21
Alcazar album finally hits the shops!
At long last Alcazar's debut album Casino is released in Sweden (it was released in Finland several months ago). There seem to be no changes to the album that was released to the press in the Spring.

News added 2000-10-07
Alcazar reworked.
The theird single from the album Casino is now out in Sweden. It is Ritmo Del Amor. It is totally re-recorderd, this time it is produced by Patrik Henzel. So far only a two track CD is out. No firm date on the album yet though...

News added 2000-09-10
Alcazar releases.
The official news are that Casino are to be released on October 9th. This will be preceeded by the single Ritmo Del Amor on September 27th. We will have to see if it is true this time...

News added 2000-07-23
Supposedly AOL is in the studio recording new material. Apperently they were only supposed to do a remix of some of their hits. This lead to them recording new songs. It is not yet known if that means a brand new album or a few new tracks on yet another compilation. The line-up would be Alexander, Dominika and Jean-Pierre. Release dates are not known, and even if they were, Stockholm Records are notorious for never getting their releases out.

News added 2000-07-10
Alcazar album, sort of released...
When Alexander quit Vacuum, he jumped on to create Alcazar. This time, he was not a member himself. The group is based around Andreas Lundstedt, with whom Alexander worked on a couple of singles a few years ago. The other members are Annika Fiore and Tess (Therese Merkel).

As usual the releases dragged on from when they were supposed to be out. The first single, Shine On, was out about a year ago. It was followed up by Crying At The Discoteque this spring. The album was then supposed to be out in the winter, then April, then May. But in May probably they actually intended to release it because they sent out promo copies to reviewers. Then it got canceled again, now with a supposed release date of "in the autumn". Anyway I am very happy, because I have managed to get my hands on one of those promos.

The album, Casino, is very inspired by 70's disco. Sounds like a mix between Vacuum and Army of Lovers. And Andreas' voice is very similar to that of Vacuums Mattias'. It is mainly written by Alexander Bard, Anders Wollbeck and Anders Hansson and produced by Bard, Hansson and Johan Strandkvist. It is not released on Stockholm Records, but on BMG.

Official Alcazar site:

News added 2000-04-21
Cue for Bard.
On Cue's soon to come debut album Cue there is at least one song by Alexander Bard. The song Hello is also likely to be the next single. It is written by Bard together with Douglas Carr and Ace of Base's Jonas Berggren.

Pregnant DominikaNews added 2000-02-26
Dominika busy.
It seems, as Dominika is very busy at the moment. The Internet site that she and Camilla Thulin has created is now going to be a TV-show as well. You can visit the site at To add to it all, it is no official, she is pregnant!!! The child is due in August. Apparently it was a planned baby.

The Lovesearch site and shortly also TV-show is as the name hints for finding a partner. It seems, as the site has become very popular.

News added 2000-02-15
The Army to attack again?
Rumours have been around for quite some time that AOL will release a remixed hit compilation. Now it is said that Alexander, Dominika and Jean-Pierre are in the studio recording. If this is just re-recording one of their old hits for the compilation or something completely new is not known.

News added 1998-04-27
Alex in the production chair once again.
Alexander Bard is once again producing another artist. It was a few years since the last time [at least something that was released]. The act is a new Stockholm Records band, called Phunk [probably pronounced 'Funk']. Some sort of pop oriented euro-dance-techno.

News added during the winter 1997/1998.
Various AOL stuff.

There seems to have been some problems with the coming album by La Camilla. It was released as a advance copy in late December 1996 or early January 1997, but has so far not been released commercially. Probably due to lack off hits. The singles from it has flunked totally. Sonet now says that they will not release it at all. Ms Henemark is negotiating to be free from Sonet, and to buy out the recordings so she can release it on her own. If she does it will probably be in a reworked form.

After the Army splitted up PolyGram released a second greatest hits compilation, Master Series. The only good with it was the inclusion of When The Night Is Cold which made its CD debut.

The creative part of Army of Lovers, Alexander Bard & Anders Wollbeck, has a new band out called Vacuum. Apart from that, Alexander continues to write songs together with Ola Håkansson & Tim Norell. Both are part of Secret Service as well as co-owners of Stockholm Records, together with Bard, Wolbeck and producer Anders Hansson.

The others keep themselves busy. Jean-Pierre does a whole lot of things. He is still involved in hair dressing, works on promotions for Laura Ashley Perfume, does a little acting and has done some live shows as well. He also does the odd work on TV. What Michaela is up to I do not know. She was part of a comedy show on TV, but that ended about a year ago. The one who seems to have done best without AOL is Dominika. She hosts two shows on Swedish channel "Femman". "Genom Nyckelhålet" is show where a trio of (semi) famous people should guess what other celebrety owns the apprtment or house that is showed. In "Dominikas värld" she goes around the world to more or less exotic places and does various stuff. A sort of adventure travell show.

Records for sale section

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I have been able to aquire a pair of shop new CD's off the rare various artists compilation album Rave 1. It features the 12" Mix of Put The Discoteque In Motion by Army Of Lovers (originally this was only included on the 12" of Supernatural, there was another B-side on the 7"). This was released on Stockholm Records' predesessor Sunrise Records in 1990, and is long since deleted. The other tracks are all dance songs chosen by Alexander Bard and Michael Goulos. Price is SEK 200.

Serial no.
in SEK
Army of Lovers & Solo
Lit de Parade / The Grand Fatigue (The Nuzak Remix) CDS Stockholm STOCDS657 / 8533822 60
Give My Life (Radio Edit) / (Sound Factory Mix) / (Temple of Doom Mix) / (Love Society Mix) CDM Stockholm 5797832 70
Venus And Mars (Radio Edit) / (The Antiloop Club Mix) / Megamix (radio Edit) / Megamegamegamix (The Sound Factory Mix) CDM Stockholm 5778192 70
King Midas (Radio Edit) / Sexual Revolution (Latin Radio Edit) CDS Stockholm 5779882 60
Steve Blame feat. La Camilla: Give Me Your Love [Je T'Aime] (Radio Mix) / (Extended 12" Mix) / (French Techno Mix) / (Trance Is Love Mix) CDM BMG 74321149332 70
La Camilla: The Witch In Me (Edit) / (Remix) / (Vagino Mix) / (Witch Dub) CDM Sonet 5768672 70
La Camilla: I'm Not In The Mood For Lovers (Single Edit) / (Album Version) / (12" Mix) CDM Sonet 5768642 70
Ritmo Del Amor (Radio Edit) / Tears Of A Clone CDS BMG 74321780382 60
Casino the debut album CD BMG - 200

My list of records for sale can now be downloaded, please note it is several years old, so some records are sold and I also have some more not on the list. The list is a zipped Microsoft Word document (version 6 or above). Do you not have the software to unzip, go to At there are viewers for word documents.


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