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The story of Army Of Lovers starts in the early 80's when economic student Alexander Bard discovers that he wants to make records. The first project is BAARD, where he release one single, Love In A Goldfish Bowl. In order to get publicity he poses for press pictures eating dog shits.


He then starts the disco transvestite project Barbie. Barbie was the bastard daughter of Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. She had lived for some time on Mars but came back to earth. That was the story that Bard came up with. He released Prostitution Twist which was a small hit and big club favourite in Sweden. He/she also released an album, Barbie, on Alpha Records. The album was produced by Peo Thyrén and Kjell Lövbom (also known as Kee Marcello, guitar player in Europe).

When he performed the duet Johnny Johnny with Cia Berg in a TV show, Ola Håkansson on Sonet was looking. Ola became very angry when the song did not turn out to be a hit. So he tried to track down Barbie, though he did not know whether it was a man in drag or a, very ugly - but smart, girl. He settled for girl...

Almost from the start he got help from the people later involved in Army Of Lovers, Camilla Thulin for styling and Farouk (= Jean-Pierre Barda) for hair and make-up. Later on Farouk started appearing on the sleeves together with the girls Yazmina Chantal and Katanga. The latter was model Camilla Henemark later to be known as La Camilla. After the fist Barbie album, Bard started working with Ola Håkansson and Tim Norell of Secret Service. At first he helped them with song lyrics, later on also music. They became Sweden's Stock Aitken Waterman with songs written by Norell /Oson(= Ola Håkansson)/Bard and produced by Ola Håkansson/Tim Norell/Anders Hansson. This started in 1986, so when it in 1987 was time for a follow up album, Alexander went to Sonet Grammofon. The first single out was Wham Bam, produced by Tim Norell and Anders Hansson. Next came Barbie Goes Around The World produced by Håkansson/Norell/Hansson.

The other members of Army Of Lovers had been doing various things. Jean-Pierre Bard, born in Sweden 1952 by French Algerian parents, left his home when he was 15. Later became a hair dresser and also made make-up on TV. Camilla Henemark, born in Sweden by a Swedish mother a Nigerian father. Started as model, later got her own agency, here a certain Michaela de la Cour was signed later on...

Enter the Army

It seems as Barbie got a few hits in France. As Bard worked on new ideas for the second Barbie album he realizes that he was fed up by the drag thing. So he starts to plan along the line of a group. The natural thing was to work with the people he had already worked with. What came out was Army Of Lovers. He decided that it could be a very successful project, even internationally, after Camilla Henemark had appeared on the front cover of Vouge. In early 1988 the first single, When The Night Is Cold, was released on the Sonet label. It was produced by Secret Service. Then they started doing a lot of demos, which they sent out to record companies in the UK. This led to being signed to Ton Son Ton. Their next single Love Me Like A Loaded Gun was more of dance music then pop. They was not to serious about being pop stars yet, and had very limited success. They released Baby's Got A Neutron Bomb in that spirit too.

Then they did a lot of remix and some re-recording of Barbie Goes Around The World, it then became My Army Of Lovers, and now they was serious about it. They did the kind of extravagant video clip that they later on always did, and got a grammy award for best video clip for the effort. Now they got a small hit. They also released their first album Disco Extravaganza. Ride The Bullet was the break through in Sweden. Crucified gave them a big hit, and Obsession was a mega hit. With Crucified they also got their first international hit. An interesting fact for the die hard record collectors is that the UK single mix of Obsession is a bit shorter then others.

Breaking Internationally

In the Autumn of 1991 when they started to break internationally, they suddenly fired La Camilla, she was replaced by another model, Michaela Dornonville de la Cour. Why La Camilla was kicked has never been made public, but it was probably because she started to get too much attention, which Bard and Barda did not like. After failing with Candyman Messiah, they presented Michaela to the world with a remake of Ride The Bullet, which also was included on the second edition of the Massive Luxury Overdose album.

In 1990 Bard together with Ola Håkansson, Anders Wollbeck and a few others started a sub label to Sonet, it was called Sunrise. Here Bard, Wollbeck and Per Adebratt (the two latter is also known as Nuzak) wrote and produced records with new artists. The most successful is Midi, Maxi & Efti. In 1991 PolyGram bought Sonet. Ola Håkansson then started Stockholm Records together with the people of Sunrise plus some others. Sunrise ceased to exist and all artists was transferred to Sonet or Stockholm Records.

The Army's first album on Stockholm was a re-issue of Massive Luxury Overdose. It is the same edition that was released by Giant Records in USA, so it is sometimes known as 'US Edition'. It includes four brand new songs, and lacks Supernatural and My Army Of Lovers. All the new track features Michaela. The second album also has a different cover. One of the new tracks, Judgement Day, was the first single out on Stockholm.


There are big AOL involvement in the soundtrack to the film Ha Ett Underbart Liv. La Camilla appears on one track, E-Type + Stakka B's Obey, (Stakka B later went solo under the name Stakka Bo, he was also for long Camilla's boyfriend, and E-Type was Michaela's boyfriend...). AOL has the new single version of Ride The Bullet. Bard has been co-writing six other songs. Here is also the first song by Cern, which includes Bard, Barda and any, or all, of Wollbeck, Adebratt and Douglas Carr. There are also two songs performed by Nuzak, of which Bard has been involved in producing one. This album has also been released as a promo, in two different covers, under the name Stockholm Records Presentation CD.

After the successful production of Midi Maxi & Efti's album Bard/Wollbeck/Adebratt has produced the album I, Myself & Me with Pernilla which was released on Stockholm Records in October 1992. Four singles has been taken from it Fallen Angel and C'est Demon both features four mixes of the tittle track. All Of Me features two standard album tracks. The last single Are You Ready, is one of the two tracks which Bard has not been producing, but he is co-composer. Army Of Lovers later recorded C'est Demon for themselves. AOL is also performing Hasta Manana on ABBA The Tribute album, this song also appears on the promo only compilation CD The Stockholm Party.

In October 1992 Army Of Lover, or rather their clip directors, received a prize for their videos. This took place at the first music video gala in Moscow. In the jury were all the old Russian film elite. AOL's clips are now of course very famous, and their style has been copied a lot, their directors is also working for others. Appolon Film was the biggest producer of videos on MTV in '94.

Classic line up

They got a new member in 1993, Dominika, which Alexander heard on the sex phone line where she worked. She was also his girlfriend for a while, but they both had a boyfriend on the side. Dominika had Gurra G, in the group Just D and Alex got a South African social antrophologist, who lived in Brussels. Being to women and two men in a band, now is not that a classic Swedish trade mark? To add to it all, Alexander is huge ABBA fan...

Dominika Peczynski's first album apperance was on the single Israelism. This preceded the album The Gods Of Earth And Heaven in 1993. Two more singles was released from the album, La Plage De Saint Tropez and I Am. Then they released a compilation of most of their video clips called Videovaganza. This year also saw La Camilla releasing a duet with MTV's Steve Blame, Give Me Your Love (Je T'Aime).

In the autumn of 1994 they released a single that was a collaboration with Swedish duo Big Money. Being called Lit De Parade. Being a lot more synthish, it was also a change in the sound. It was produced by Anders Hansson and Vacuum. This would mark the first apperance of the name Vacuum. Alexander also spoke about Vacuum in interviews as a group of people that was in ti more majestic synth pop music. The album Glory Glamour and Gold was out shortly afterwards. The over all impression was that of lack of interest, the feeling is that they did the album more out of habit then out of joy.

Breaking up

Two more singles were released from the album. Sexual Revolution which failed misserably on the charts. It just reafirmed the downward spiral. In spring 1995 the last single came, which was only out in Germany. Being a total re-recording of Life Is Fantastic by the people behind Scatman John. It was out on Motor records, a German disco label.

Michaela de la Cour left the group, apperently this had been clear for everyone involved since Christmas 1994. At the same time talks began with La Camilla about her eventual return to the group. Michaela started an "acting" career.

Finally La Camilla came back to the band. The return was marked by the single Give My Life that was out in October 1995. It became the Army's biggest hit in Sweden for a long time. The song was the first one out from Les Greatest Hits which followed in November. The collection contained two other new songs, and some remixes. One of the 'new' songs is Everytime You Lie which was a solo singel by La Camilla.

In January 1996 the second single, the more techno sounding Venus And Mars was out, it was backed by a Megamix. Apperently it was meant to be a double a-sided release. That was strangely followed, only three weeks later, by King Midas, which despite claiming so on the cover is not taken from Les Greatest Hits. It is a collaboration, in both composing and production, with Jonas 'Joker' Berggren of Ace of Base.

About a year after the first hit compilation it was time for the second one. This one was part of PolyGram's midprice compilation series Master Series. The only good thing about it was the inclusion of When The Night Is Cold which makes it's debut on a major CD release. The only real drawback is the lack of King Midas.

After the Army?

Alexander then produced and composed with Anders Hansson and others a single for for Kajsa (Mellgren). Supposedly they recorde a full album, but nothing more then the single was out. He then devoted his energies on Vacuum.

After AOL things has not gone so well for the various members. La Camilla released a few singles that flopped. The first single out came in June 1996, The Witch In Me. An album was also made, and gone so far as to be released to the press for reviewing before being totally cancelled. Apperently she having some court case to get the right to release it on her own. She has also done some acting and generall TV apperances, also a bit in to politics.

Jean-Pierre has also done various things that has gone un-noticed. For the last year he has been on the TV show Silicon and remaked ordinary people.

Dominika is the one that has done best. She has hosted a number of TV shows in both the UK and Sweden.

Mikaela has done some 'acting'. She has also done some single. Apperently she has a new album deal in the works.

Many fans has asked me why they call their publishing company Esrange Music. Esrange is a space centre in northern Sweden, near Kiruna. Here satellites are built, sent up and controlled. Sort of Europe's 'Houston' and 'Kennedy Space Centre'.


The Swedish singles.
When The Night Is Cold Sonet 1988
Love Me Like A Loaded Gun Ton Son Ton 1988
Baby's Got A Neutron Bomb Ton Son Ton 1989
My Army Of Lovers Ton Son Ton 1990
Ride The Bullet Ton Son Ton 1990
Supernatural Ton Son Ton 1990
Crucified Ton Son Ton 1991
Obsession Ton Son Ton 1991 Their first CD-single
Candyman Messiah Ton Son Ton 1991
Ride The Bullet Ton Son Ton 1992 The first with Michaela
Judgement Day Stockholm Records 1992
Israelism Stockholm Records 1993 The first with Dominika
La Plage De Saint Tropez Stockholm Records 1993
I Am Stockholm Records 1993
Lit De Parade Stockholm Records 1994
Sexual Revolution Stockholm Records 1995
Life Is Fantastic Motor Records 1995 Only released in Germany
Give My Life Stockholm Records 1995 Return of La Camilla
Venus And Mars / Mega Mix Stockholm Records 1996
King Midas Stockholm Records 1996

The Albums
Disco Extravaganza Ton Son Ton Sweden 1990
Army Of Lovers Giant USA 1991
Massive Luxury Overdose Ton Son Ton Sweden/The World 1991
Massive Luxury Overdose (US edition) Stockholm Records Sweden 1992
Massive Luxury Overdose Giant USA 1992
The Gods Of Earth And Heaven Stockholm Records The World 1993
Glory Glamour and Gold Stockholm Records The World 1994
Les Greatest Hits Stockholm Records The World 1995
Master Series PolyGram The World 1997


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