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Welcome to my rather new page about Agnetha. The opening of this page is of course prompted by the current stream of releases by her. Unfortunately news has been rare through out the 90's.

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News added 2000-03-16
Agnetha to make a comback?
It seems as Agnetha has decided to leave her Garbo like living. She is currently going through songs for solo album. It is not known if it will be in English or Swedish. If she does not feel the songs or her performance is not up to the standard she wants nothing will be released. It will be at least half a year before anything will hit the shops. That may mean we will get a very special gift for the first Christmas of the new Millenium...

Görel Hanser confirms that Agnetha is chosing songs, but say it is far from certain that anything will come out. If it eventually does, it is not likely that Agnetha will be very active in promotional work. Further more Benny dies not rule out writing songs for Agnetha. He says that all the ABBA members has a very good relationship nowdays.

News added 1998-08-19
"Garbo" joins the party.
Agnetha briefly left her Garbo like hiding when she was on concert organizer/promotor Thomas Johansson (head of EMA Telstar) celebrated his 50th birthday. The event was on on the 17th at Cirkus in Stockholm (currently the venue for Kristina Från Duvemåla. Other guests included Frida, Eva & Efva, Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson, Magnus Uggla, Tomas Ledin... Thomas Johansson worked with ABBA's tours.

Agnetha arrives to the party 
Görel Hanser, Agnetha and Ing-Marie Halling arrives to the party.
Picture from tabloid 'Aftonbladet' 1998-08-18

News added 1998-05-23 
That's Me compilation released. 
So finally it was out, a long overdue Hits collection with Agnetha. Released on Polar I expected it to be, shall we say not compiled in the best of ways. [It seems to me that Polar has over and over again made strange compilations of ABBA material, and not putting full effort in those, or the re-issues.] Well the result, all though nice to hear and with a few rare songs on it, is a misch mash of "Best of" and "Rare and unreleased". Three ABBA songs, a few singles previously unreleased on CD, some singles (NOT in their special single edit versions) and some single B-sides. See for your self in the track listing. And of course the unreleased Queen Of Hearts, a great song which is also chosen as the single, see below. On the plus side is, all songs are remasterd, a nice piece (in English) in the booklet by Carl-Magnus Palm.

Agnetha Fältskog: That's Me - The Greatest Hits
1. The Heat Is On   3:52
2. The Last Time   4:14
3. Let It Shine   3:58
4. The Winner Takes It All ABBA 4:56
5. I Wasn't The One [Who Said Goodbye] Duet with Peter Cetera 4:09
6. The Way You Are (Edit) Duet with Ola Håkansson 3:47
7. It's So Nice to Be Rich   3:14
8. I Won't Let You Go   3:38
9. Never Again Duet with Tomas Ledin 3:53
10. Eyes Of A Woman   3:55
11. Slipping Through My Fingers ABBA 3:54
12. One Way Love   3:35
13. Can't Shake Loose   4:20
14. Wrap Your Arms Around Me   5:12
15. The Queen Of Hearts   3:21
16. That's Me ABBA 3:15
17. Turn The World Around   4:17
18. You're There   3:29
19. Fly Like The Eagle Duet with Ola Håkansson 3:05

If you like the two duets with Ola Håkansson, I can recommend you to visit the Secret Service page. The Way You Are appears in a edit of the "Extended Version" on the Secret Service album Aux Deux Magots. Even if they are titled as a duet with Ola, they are in fact 'Secret Service & Agnetha Fältskog'.

News added 1998-05-17 
New song released. 
The first single from the forth coming album That's Me - The Greatest Hits was released here on the 15th. A two track CD is expected, but for now only a four track CD is available. The Queen Of Hearts is the only new song of the four. It is not really new, being produced by Agnetha herself and Michael B. Tretow, it was released in Swedish back in 1979 as När Du Tar Mej I Din Famn. The three other songs are all from 1985: One Way Love, I Won't Let You Go and Eyes Of A Woman.

Queen Of Hearts thumbnail, click for full version
Click for full sleeve

News added 1998-05-03 and updated 1998-05-09 
Another compilation on the way. 
Yet another new compilation are on its way, That's Me is slated for release in June. As opposed to the one released, it will be in English, and contain some hard to get material. PolyGram, which releases it, has via it's subsidiary Sonet, the rights to the duets with Ola Håkansson [lead singer of Secret Service] a few years back. The Way You Are, which of course was the single A-side, was also included on Secret Service 's album Aux Deux Magots in a shorter edit of the 12" version. This album has been deleted for years. Fly Like The Eagle the B-side, has only been released on CD on a hard to get compilation album. Both these tracks now see the light of day on this new compilation. There may already next week be a 2-track and a 4-track CD out.

News added 1998-05-03, updated 1998-05-09 
New compilation Svensktoppar out.
A new compilation is just out. Apparently it was released at the end of April. Svensktoppar is an album with only Swedish songs on it. Basically the same as 10 År Med Agnetha, with Sången Föder Dig Tillbaka added and with a new sleeve. It is part of a new series of compilations, called Blå Gula Toner.

Svensktoppar thumbnail, click for full version
Click for full sleeve

    Svensktoppar track listing 
    Swedish Peaks
  1. Tack För En Underbar Vanlig Dag

  2. Thanks For A Wonderful Ordinary Day 
  3. När Du Tar Mej I Din Famn

  4. When You Take Me In Your Arms 
  5. Jag Var Så Kär

  6. I Was So In Love 
  7. Om Tårar Vore Guld

  8. If Tears Were Gold 
  9. Vart Skall Min Kärlek Föra

  10. Where Should My Love Lead 
  11. En Sång Om Sorg Och Glädje

  12. A Song About Sorrow And Happiness 
  13. Dröm Är Dröm Och Saga Saga

  14. Dream Is Dream And Fairy tale Is Fairy tale 
  15. Så Glad Som Dina Ögon

  16. As Happy As Your Eyes 
  17. En Sång Och En Saga

  18. A Song And A Fairy tale 
  19. SOS

  20. SOS 
  21. Doktorn

  22. The Doctor 
  23. Fram För Den Svenska Sommaren

  24. On With The Swedish Summer 
  25. Allting Har Förändrat Sej

  26. Everything Has Changed 
  27. Utan Dej Mitt Liv Går Vidare

  28. Without You My Life Goes On 
  29. Zigenarvän

  30. Gipsy Friend 
  31. Många Gånger Än

  32. Many Times Still 
  33. Sången Föder Dig Tillbaka

  34. The Song Takes You Back

Previous news 
Agnetha update 
Agnetha seems to continue her Garbo like life. The few public appearances she has made in the last years has been to the opening of 'Kristina Från Duvemåla'. It is said that she actually recorded about half an album in 1990-91, but it has never been confirmed. The compilation double CD My Love, My Life. That was out in 1996, has been repackaged by TV-Shop, it includes a bonus disc, which has the following songs on it: 

    My Love, My Life disc 3.
  1. När Jag Var Fem
  2. Hjärtats Saga
  3. Sov Gott Min Lilla Vän
  4. Ta Det Med Ro
  5. Då Finns Du Hos Mig
  6. Kungens Vaktparad
  7. Nya Ord
  8. Sången Föder Dig Tillbaka
  9. En Egen Trädgård
  10. Doktorn
  11. Och Han Väntar På Mig
  12. I Wasn't The One (Who Said Goodbye)
  13. Något Händer Med Mig [duet with Jörgen Edman]
  14. Mössens Julafton
  15. Tre Vita Råttor

Standard 'My Love, My Life' CD cover.
Standard 'My Love, My Life' CD cover.

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Serial no.
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10 År Med Agnetha, 16-track collection in Swedish (68-79) CD CBS 4652982 130
Agnetha & Linda: Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus, 12-track Christmas album in Swedish CD Polar POLCD 328 130
Eyes Of A Woman, 11-track album in Englis CD Polar POLCD 385 130
I Stand Alone, album in English CD WEA - 130
Agnetha & Christian: Kom Följ Med I Vår Karusell, 16-track children album in Swedish CD WEA 242 186-2 150
My Love My Life, collection in Swedish and English 2-CD - - 250
Svensktoppar, 17-track collection in Swedish (68-79) CD Columbia 4896712 130
The Queen Of Hearts / Eyes Of A Woman CDS Polar 575 952-2 60
The Queen Of Hearts / One Way Love / I Won't Let You Go / Eyes Of A Woman CDM Polar 575 953-2 70
That's Me - The Greatest Hits, 19-track compilation CD Polar 539 928-2 170

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